Installation Instructions for Pump Barrel

       1.  Assemble the pump according to the instruction in the actual pump box.
              2.  Attach all fittings to your rain barrel according to the Rain Barrel Instructions
     also enclosed with this Pump Barrel. 

 Step 3.                            Step 4.                             Step 5.

Step 3:   Put dish soap on the threaded fitting.  Step 4:  Screw pipe clockwise into
Pump bottom.  Step 5:  Attach the pump to the lid with the enclosed nuts and bolts.  (When
installing pump on white oak whiskey barrel see Step 8 )

Step 6.                               Step 7.                                  Step 8

Step 6:  After attaching the pump to the lid, insert the lid back into the barrel.  Step 7: 
Place the screw on ring over the pump and screw down tight.  Step 8:  Slide the pump shaft into
the hole in the center of the barrel and attach it with the screws provided.