Direct Drip 3/4" FHT x 3/4" MHT Ball Valve

 The on/off valve can be installed on the PVC fitting that is about 14 inches up from the bottom of the barrel.  If you would rather have the valve at the bottom of the barrel, you can swap it with the cap that is installed on the bottom fitting.  If you are going to elevate your rain barrel, you may want to install the on/off valve on the bottom fitting.  If you are not going to elevate your rain barrel, you will probably want to install the on/off valve on the fitting that is 14 inches up from the bottom, making it easier to use a watering can.. If you connect a hose to the valve, make sure you do not pull on the hose so hard that you pull the valve out of the barrel.  Attach the female end of a garden hose to one or two of the pre-installed top hose connections to divert overflow water to remote areas.  The other top fitting can be used to connect additional rain barrels, or may be used for the connection of an automatic rain water diverter. 

Flex elbows,  Pre-built rain barrel connectors and automatic rain water diverters are available on our web site @
If you choose to install your rain barrel using a flex elbow, cut out a 12" section of the down spout beginning about 12" above the top of the rain barrel.   Leave the bottom part of the downspout connected to the house.  If you install your flex elbow in this manner, when you remove your rain barrel during the winter months, you can insert the bottom of the flex elbow back into the bottom section of the down spout.

Non Potable Water
Water collected in these barrels is NOT FOR DRINKING PURPOSES

Be sure to drain your Rain barrel during cold weather to prevent freezing!
Not doing so will void the warranty!!!

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