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Although ALL of our rain barrels, being made from recycled barrels, can have a few scratches and scrapes, occasionally we have rain barrels that our quality control department determines have too many scratches and scrapes to sell at our normal prices.  These rain barrels are water tight and built to the same exacting standards as our first line barrels, they just have too many scratches and scrapes for our liking!  Some of these barrels can be slightly faded  We only offer these barrels a few times each year for short periods. The pictures of the rain barrels below represent the style and color of the available blemished rain barrels, but do not necessarily reflect the scratches and scrapes that can be present on the blemished rain barrels.


Blemished 60 gal terra cotta rain barrel
Sold Out

Blemished 60 gal gray rain barrel


Blemished 60 gallon black rain barrel
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Quantity WHOLESALE PRICES are available to municipalities, conservation organizations, State and Federal parks etc. on request. For information and pricing e-mail redmon@evansville.net


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rain barrels, composters and recycling containers within
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These Rain Barrels are made from used food grade barrels.  You can't get much GREENER than that!!  Whether your water needs are for plants, gardens, or general use, each barrel is drilled, screened, and fitted for catching water straight from the downspout of your house, garage, or shed.  These barrels are designed to be used outdoors, with three overflow connections, a nylon spigot, and a drain plug.  The barrels have screw on lids, and the overflows are designed to fit any standard garden hose making it easy to redirect the overflow to where you want it to go.  One of the overflows can be used to hook up an automatic rain water diverter to your downspout.  One can also be used to connect as many additional rain barrels as you have room for. 


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