Rain Water Diverter Systems

With an automatic rain water diverter system you will never again
have to worry about an over-flowing rain barrel!!!!!

Automatic rain water diverter systems will divert rain water from your
downspout into your rain barrel, until the rain barrel is full, and then
send the rest of the water back through the down spout, or
into a second or third rain barrel, and then back through the downspout.

Orders can be placed by phone Toll Free @ 877-888-5609

or through our on-line shopping cart by clicking on the pictures.

We are now accepting PayPal payments on our call in orders.


The New Flex-Fit Diverter System


Install your rain barrel in less than 5 minutes
using the new Flex Fit diverter system. 

Fits both 2"x 3" and 3"x 4" downspouts

If you have a 3" or 4" round downspout, you will have to add $7.50 to the below prices.
At this time the diverter system with a round diverter will have to be
called in to Toll Free 877-888-5609

$20.00 When purchased and shipped with one of our rain barrels

$29.95 when ordered without a rain barrel.
Free Priority Mail Shipping when ordered Separately


For Flex Fit diverter replacement parts click here



50 Gallon Terra Cotta Rain Barrel with an Aunt Molly's Diverter included

Free Shipping

The Flex Fit diverters attach to your downspout and
will direct the rain water into your rain barrel. After the rain barrel is full, the diverter will
automatically re-direct the rain water back into the downspout
. Our diverter kits have been
designed to fit all of our rain barrels, but will also fit most any rain barrel.


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